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Rafael Canela Senior editor

Palm Desktop is software that allows palm device users to synchronize information with their computer. It is an easy-to-use set of applications, which serve as a link between the palm device and the computer, synchronizing Calendar and events, Contacts, Tasks, Notes or Memos, and installing applications in your palm using the Quick Install feature.
Palm Desktop can categorize all this information, using categories such as business, personal or any other user-defined category.
Palm Desktop can be used by several users and can store their information separately, so several palm users can synchronize their data with the same computer.
Palm Desktop synchronizes the Palm device using a USB Cable, serial cable, Modem or Bluetooth.
Palm Desktop offers security features to protect your valuable information, such as Hide or Mask Records. Also, you can configure a password, so your information is kept confidential.
To further protect your information, with the Auto Save feature you can take for granted that your information will be saved automatically, and it can be restored to your palm device or a new one.


  • Easy to use.
  • Good security features.
  • Step by Step Installation/Configuration.


  • For Palm-Device users only.

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  • 1
    BlThunder 6 years ago

    It's dificult to sync with TB

  • 0
    Chandra Dissanayake 7 years ago

    This less than 2 year Titanium Palm held devise does not retain battery power
    even for one five days. Why is that and how could I improve on that short lived "charge?"


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